Defering Capital Gain Tax via 1031

Here at our local  Bandera County Board of Realtors we had a fantastic class on how a 1031 Exchange works.  There are sooo many options that if one is to find themselves in a capital gain’s situation, I would highly recommend talking with a reputable 1031 exchange Intermediary. WOW  is what I say.. I am not qualified to provide on details but here is the basic information.

You have 180 days to close/fund on a similar  (Price/value – not only type  IE: sell a ranch to buy commercial, sell commercial to buy ranch, home for home, rental for home (s) etc..  full details available) property that you will sell. BUT you have to have it identified in 45 days.

So before you plan on selling your property and if you will be paying Capital Gains tax, PLEASE let me know so we can start looking long before your property is sold.

Craig Brown from IPX1031  was the speaker at our session and here is his website:

Craig Brown, Esq.
Vice President
Regional Manager



(817) 271-1031



Spring is coming!

Spring is around the corner and time to plant your garden, trees and start off your year.  Here are some items that I would like to share.  If you have items to share, please send me a email. I would love to share information to everyone else.

I do have one piece of Real Estate news. Spring is here and things will start to pick up for people that want to buy and sell property. Your Referrals are very much appreciated and I promise to work hard for your friends and relatives!

Plant potatoes NOW!  (they should be planted in February here in the Hill Country) Cover with hay also helps keep the moisture in.

Plant your trees or any plant that is dormant NOW!, Then water and then mulch.

Prune end of the month. If you need information on how to prune your plants, please let me know.

I attempt to do everything I can organically and here are a few things I do.

Chewing tobacco tea mixed with garlic juice and Cayenne peppers and orange oil with a little dawn dish soap as a pretty good pesticide.
Herbicide 20% vinegar (sold in hardware stores, feed and home garden stores) put in on anything green will kill the leaves and if you do it long enough, it will not come back up. It takes energy to come out of the ground and produce leaves.

Sulfur is also good for powdery mildew, must be sprayed on.
Garrett Juice is a mix of organic items that you spray on the leaves and it will really help with the growth and the strength of your plants. They will be very healthy and much more disease resistant if and when something happens to them.

Also there is a product that is produced just a few miles from Hondo that is called “Medina”. They have 2 awesome products, perhaps even more than that. Their products you can buy in most stores including Home Depot, feed stores and many other places. The price may be cheaper at your local store, so don’t make a special trip unless you need more than 1 gallon of it. The Soil Stimulator mixed with Molasses (can be purchased cheaper at a feed store – same as feed molasses)  This will help the soil with micro nutrients and get the microbes start working.

Another great product that is called “Green Sand”  This Green Sand comes from ancient beaches and provide many micro nutrients that help get the soil active again. This will help loosen soils and make things more green than you have ever seen.  A healthy plant will be stronger and more disease resistant. Just like the human body.  Green Sand along with the Medina products can be bought here in Bandera at the Ace Hardware. The cost of 5 lbs of green sand is the same as 40 lbs..  $9 ish.. so buy  the 40 lbs and give your grass a good boost too.  These do NOT burn but should be watered in.

If you wish to grow items from cuttings, then in the middle of March is a good time to start.  I have a website that discusses on how to root grapes, so if you wish to read that please visit: Almost any plant can be grown from a cutting of its mother plant.

Watch what bugs you kill! The Mud Dobber Wasp should not be killed, perhaps relocated, but never killed. They eat the bad spiders!! Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders.

Lady bugs/Beatles love to eat lots of buts that we don’t want, so encourage them. Also there is a fly that looks like a bee but isn’t one. They are better pollinators then bee’s. BUT PLEASE Don’t kill Bee’s . We are losing them from pesticides and if we don’t have Bee’s we won’t have honey and our crops won’t produce products because they cannot get pollinated.  Ya got the picture.

SEPTIC Information: Another item of importance that we forget and ignore is our septic tanks.. I get these calls from Septic Savor and there are other products on the market to help with keeping your septic working.  Medina products has come up with a 1 gallon liquid (from $19-$22) that claims that if you use it every month that you “should” not have to ever clean out your septic.  I like doing business with local companies, so they have my business.  No matter what you use, doing it is the important part.  Put it as a “to do” on the 1st of each month. Never put more than what you eat in the septic.  Get the “septic friendly” paper and never use more than absolutely needed.  Never put grease or paper towels, or whole food products down the drain. Rather compost it, add leaves, a bit of dirt, then you will have nice dirt for your garden in the future. DON’T forget to put all of your coffee and coffee grounds in the compost!  AND if you are having a problem with a plant that does not want to grow, give it some old cold coffee.  Watch it grow.  This is good for the ground and easier on your septic. Cost to get your septic pumped is $250 + and the backup will happen Sunday when you have company.  Murphy’s law rules!

That’s it for this news letter!  Thank you for reading this! Forward to anyone that you may feel is interested!